Bird of Paradise

So, I have seriously fallen for Annalee Balut’s imaginative and lively designs and can’t wait to show you how lovely they are. Here you can see the upper half of her Anna outfit – with three options for the other half – all shown after the cut. Again, I am wearing one of Gala’s magnificent skins – Ivy this time. Like the Doily skin yesterday, this is one you want to wear the demo and zoom so you can see the  magnificent eye makeup. I am wearing Swallowtail’s wonderful Jupiter jewelry and coordinated shoes in green. The boldness of Swallowtail jewelry suits the vibrant ALB Dream Fashion designs.


in the photo above, I am wearing all the skirt prims – making a diaphonous float that moves wonderfully. I was at a party at Gidge’s and got more than one pass with this lovely floaty confection.

Removing the front prim, I have a lovely sheer jacket to wear with pants. I am wearing it with the pants included in the set, but could easily wear it with those lovely lime or mango slim pants from Armidi or tint a pair of G.L.A.M.’s marvelous metallic tights or Fashionably Dead’s Shiny Shiny Tint Pants. There are hundreds of possibilities.

I kept the sleeve prims to maintain the floating feeling. The pants are a lovely linen and are perfect summer wear. Now if only linen didn’t need so much ironing. 





  • meilli2 shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Curio Classic Ivy Skin
  • IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Bijou Nails Deep Dream Plum
  • Body Politick Dark Salmon Pedicure
  • Cake Faith hair
  • ALB Dream Fashion Anna set
  • Swallowtail Jupiter Green Shoes
  • Swallowtail Natural Stone Earrings Orange
  • Swallowtail Jupiter Long Necklace Green

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