Dotty About Creamshop

Let’s clear one thing up first. I love polka dots. Not surprisingly, they are named after the dance, but only because at the time textile manufacturers were producing the polka dot fabrics, the polka was the hottest dance craze around. Just think, if polka dots had not come out then, but say in the 20’s the may have been Charleston Dots or Shimmy Dots. If they were named today, what would they be called? Crump Dots? I kind of like the name Shimmy Dots, but I don’t suppose we could persuade the world to change the name.

Creamshop makes two delicious polka dot skirts in one lovely fatpack. I am wearing the black with gold dots, there is also a white with gold dots skirt. There are lovely bubble skirts – a skirt fashion more suited to SL than RL where wrinkling and flattening while you sit are not going to leave your skirt out of sorts all day long. As you can see, they provided another opportunity to throw on my Elphaba shoes from Digit Darkes. I believe there might actually be a dozen outfits by now with those shoes on this blog (just guessing!)

With the skirt, I am wearing the sumptuous and sexy Hoja top from Armidi and another of the indispensable Dictator Shrugs from Digit Darkes, in black this time. There are more photos on Flickr.

My hair is a relatively new style from Muism called MIka, but I have tinted it darker red than it comes in the box. My necklace is Niama from Armidi. It comes in an amazing rangle of metal colors to get the exact tone you want. I am wearing black bangles from DeLa.

  • Meilli2 shape by hatchy mills
  • Amy 07 Portrait Skin laqroki
  • Mika hair (tinted by me) from Muism
  • Top: Hoja Copper by Armidi
  • Digit Darkes Dictator Shrug black
  • Creamshop gold dot black skirt
  • Elphaba Shoes from Digit Darkes
  • Armidi Niama Necklace Brown
  • DeLa Carmen Bangles Black

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