Patriotica Part Three – The One Where Cajsa Tries to Kill Me

My Pants Weren\'t Ripped Before I Climbed Up Here I Swear

posted by Gidge Uriza

Barbie Princess holiday freebies always rock my world. I wore their christmas outfit to an ice skating party last year. This one didn’t dissapoint either. A super cute string bikini with some pants you choose to wear or not (I decided to wear them since I was monument climbing – did I mention this entire thing was FANTOM? GAH!)

If you’re partying on the beach or some other tropical local this July 4 themed freebie is a nice pick up. And if you’ve got the rockin’ shape to go with it – who knows – it might even be contest worthy!

AND HOW DO YOU LIKE MY NEW SHAPE? My new custom shape courtesy of Hatchy Mills! Thank you Hatchy I love it!

A short little post about a small little outfit!

Fashion Details:
Shape – Gidge – by Hatchy Mills
Skin – Raspberry – by Peppermint Blue
Eyes – Purple Rain by FNKY
Hair – WISH 2 by CAKE
Bikini and pants – from Barbie Princess “AMERICAN GIRL” freebie
Bracelets – Don’t Ask Freebie Gift


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