Patriotica Part 4 – New York State of Mind

Me and My Favorite Harbour Chick!

posted by Gidge Uriza

When I first conceived of doing this whole week in Red White and Blue, this was the outfit that inspired my silly notion. Every once in a while I sweep Onrez for freebie and dollarbie newness and this kyooot little number popped up a couple of weeks ago or more. From Awesome Designs you can still pick it up here for $L1.  You can probably also pick it up at the Awesome Designs maintsore In World however I haven’t popped over there to check. 🙂

I think my favorite thing on this outfit (besides the excellent vibrant color) are these fun stockings!

My Legs Go All The Way Up

It’s a sweet outfit, full of holiday cheer – without the sleezoid factor of some miniskirt combos.

You know which sort of outfits I mean.

Hope you have some SL fun planned for the 4th weekend!

Fashion Details:

Shape – Gidge custom by Hatchy Mills

Make Up – Laqroki – Lucy

Eyes -FNKY – Purple Rain

Hair – Laqroki – Priss in Sunkissed

Dress – Happy Independence Day Gift from Awesome Designs

Jewelry – Bracelet from Earthstones (free) and Earrings (not free)

Shoes – Navy open toe Peep shoes from SKG (free weekly gift)

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