Mayan Hawaiian

It was a hot day today so I wore the lovely cotton Hawaiian print skirt from the O’Brien Goes Hawaiian set from Ingenue.  A nice crisp cotton can be so cool in hot weather and a vintage print like this one just says summer all day long. The set comes with a lovely short sleeve white cotton blouse, but I wanted a bit more spice than that. Lots more spice! 

Looking through my tops, I found a few camis that would work, but still not spicy enough so I started trying on some of the dress tops in my orange folder, thinking that would really pop and sure enough, this top from SeVan’s Isabella dress was what I was looking for. Maybe I’m crazy, but I like it.

Some shoes from Periquita and jewelry from Swallowtail and I was ready to head off for a nice little trip to Chichen Itza. 

More photos are on my flickr

  • Meilli2 shape by hatchy mills
  • blowpop Mellie3 Caramel [diamond girl] skin
  • IC-Eyes, Soulful Hazel
  • Bishwear Toss Me Around auburn hair
  • SeVan Isabella Dress Top
  • O’Brien Goes Hawaiian Tropical Border Print Skirt from Ingenue
  • Periquita Suzzy Orange shoes
  • Swallowtail Natural Stone Jewelry 

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