Am I Blue?

posted by Gidge Uriza
Picking something to wear for my first night hostessing in a while was a fun reason to rifle through my inventory to find something I haven’t worn yet. I knew I wanted to wear something nice without over dressing too much and that’s when I stumbled into one of my favorite freebie dresses.

Richly textured with gathers that accentuate your girlyness (is that a word?) with a fun flourish at the shoulder, this dress is a great piece of evening wear. I had a really retro feeling when I wore it though, I’m not sure why but I was feeling a bit daffy so paired it with the Ashlynn hair I recently picked up at Sinsation which really says “I LOVE THE 80s” to me (but in a deligtful way).

I must’ve achieved my goal because my husband said I looked like Mira Sorvina.

I like wearing skin that is a departure from the clothing I’ve chosen, so I decided GOTHIC LOLITA in MANA BLUE was a fun way to go for the evening.  Gothic Fashionista anyone?

Fashion Details

Skin – Gothic Lolita in Mana Blue (FREE!) BareRose

Eyes – Purple Rain by FNKY!

Hair – Reyna 2 by Sinsation

Dress – Diva in JAZZ by Bijou (free!)

Shoes – Elphaba (with Bow) by Digit Darkes

Necklace – Emerald Dragonfly by RICX

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