The Metal Rose

Rose Metal

I admit it, I am hopelessly infatuated with a few particular Second Life designers – and Iota Ultsch is one. She sends a notice, I am there with lindens in hand despite her relatively high prices. Why am I willing to pay twice as much I usually do when it comes to her clothing? It comes down to two factors. Originality and customer service. Iota’s textures are original – they are rich and detailed and come together in outfits you won’t find anywhere else. She has a sense of whimsy and humor that infuses her clothes with originality. Customer service is where she really excels. For example, she replaced the no mod system skirt for a modifiable one when I complained about having issues with system skirts refusing to rez for me. To give a more immediate example, I had a minor quibble with this dress but before I could even talk to her about it, she sent a notice telling folks she found an error and was replacing the offending article. Proactive customer service is better than anything at winning loyal customers.

I think Iota has a fascination for metal and how it plays with light, catching it and reflecting it, shimmering brightly and fading darkly. She has done several metal dresses, but this is my favorite for its femininity – not just he ultra feminine coppery rose shade, but the flattering curves on the bust and figure-hugging slim bodice sliding gracefully into the flowing skirt. This is a womanly dress, rich, vibrant and passionate. Don’t you just want to reach out and touch it?

More photos on flickr, style notes after the jump.

I love these bracelets with it, their curves mirror the curves of the dress and the rose choker that comes with the dress is a perfect accompaniment.

    • Shape: Custom by Kira Paderborn
    • Skin: Honey (the Goumada) by blowpop
    • Eyes: Soulful Hazel by IC Eyes
    • Hands: Dark Salmon Manicure by Body Politik
    • Hair: KAR07 by boon
    • Dress: le Metal de Rose by Tres Jolie
    • Shoes: 24 Kt. Copper by Storm Schmooz
    • Earrings: Cameillia in Gold by DeLa
    • Bracelets: Vicente in Gold by DeLa
    • Necklace: Part of Metal de Rose set.

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