Spies and Secret Lives

Spies and Secret Lives

Maht, my partner, loves to organize his sets around a theme. Tonight, he played espionage music such as Secret Agent Man and theme songs from Mission Impossible and James Bond interspersed with songs about secrets and secret lives. I wanted to dress the part and while shopping on Saturday i saw this little number at Bolero Collection aptly names Super Sexy and immediately thought of Mata Hari – or should I say Mahta Hari?

I tried out several hair styles and hair ornaments, but nothing made me happy and i didn’t feel like running out and buying a hair ornament in the middle of dressing, so I decided to tint the Daphne Formal Hair from Amrita that originally came with white pearls and feathers. First I edited the entire hair to darken it by clicking on the texture tab and tinting it with the dark gray preselect. Clicking the black would simply flatten all the textures, but you can retain them by using the grey. Then I chose the select texture button and selected all the pearl and feather pieces and tinted it gold. To get this particular shared, I used an RGB of 200:165:80 in case you want to try replicating that shade.

To honor the nipple tassels and the lovely lace bow on the back, I chose the Digit Darkes black and gold Elphaba shoes with the bow on the back of the heel. Jewelry from Paper Couture and DeLa completed the outfit. You can see more photos on my Flickr. Additional photo showing the back ribbon and style notes after the jump.


Style Notes:

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  1. Sunshine Kukulcan

    Own same dress, only complaint?

    Mismatched seams on both top and stockings….for that kind of money, 600L-quality should have been better.


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