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Election Night

It’s Election Night and I am eager to hear the results, expecting sweet victory.  So I am wear the color of victory – gold – in a in-between dress with a dressy looking fabric and a casual cut – perfect for most election night parties from casual to cocktail.

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Paper Couture is for the birds.

So, yesterday I put on this old Paper Couture dress and sighed and asked Whither Paper  Couture? When they only do a spring and fall collection, I get impatient for the next collection to arrive and honestly, seasonly speaking, Fall is tiptoing toward Winter and they announced it was coming back in September. Wah!!!

No sooner have a I finished the hurry-up photos when like magic, there on the feed I see a new Paper Couture outfit – an outfit for men – but still I had to rush back in-world and see what new fripperies and whimsies they have dreamed up and  they did not disappoint me.Taking their inspiration from birdlife, they have produced an aviary of dreams.

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A Night at the Opera

I have been holding back. I admit it. I wore this dress on Sunday and have not shared it with you all. I was saving it for Halloween night simply because of all the costumes and Halloween gowns and goth designs I have tried out this week, this is my favorite.  This morning however, it occurs to me that you might like to check it out before Halloween in case you want to wear it, too. I know I will be wearing it at MDR’s Halloween party tomorrow night because this dress is made for dancing.

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