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I Want To Be Honour McMillan

Envy Aims Very High.
~ Ovid

I want to be brave, and go exploring sims, unearthing new places that are exciting and thrilling. I want to take pictures that are breathtaking and drive other people to seek out the gorgeous sites I’m showing them.

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Simple Friiiiiiidayyyy!!!

Damn skippy it is Friday!!! Annnnnd I thought I would show off my new top from JANE.. So!! Lets get straight to it shall we?! <3333

Sorry this is short and sweet… BUT! RL work is callin my name!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will see you all soon!! <333333

Skin – -Belleza- Erika
Tats – [HUZ]– Dark Floral
Piercings – <- Pierce Of Mind -> – Fluffy V2 (modded)
Eyes – .ID. – Light Sensitive
Ears – .ILLUSORY. – Elven Ear – b3
Hair – >TRUTH< – Bea
Shirt – JANE – lazy daisy tube
Pants – {mon tissu} – Denim 1929 Cigarette
Shoes – [PM] Pixel Mode – Fae

Helloooooooooooooo! <3

 Sooooo I am pretty sure you will be seeing my hair feathers from PIDIDDLE a lot in the next few weeks.. I am totally addicted to them and I love them oh so much!! heheh but!! New hair last week from [LeLutka] I wanted to show off.. And I had just the perfect outfit to go with it! Check it ouuuutt!! <3333

And now a closer look at my outfit!! <333

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far annndd I will see you all tomorrow!! Now… onto the credits!! <333333

Skin – -Glam Affair- – Layla Tan
Tattoo – [HUZ] – Por Vida
Eyes – .ID. – Light Sensitive
Ears – .ILLUSORY. – Elven Ear – b3
Hair – [LeLutka] – INVERTED hair
Shirt – FK Virtues – Boucle Off-The-Shoulder Sweater
Jeans – DeeTaleZ – Pants tasty Butt Jeans
Boots – {mon tissu} – Provence Riding Boots
Feathers – PIDIDDLE – FeatherExtensions
Belt – ~Pepper~ Andavi Belt


Hello Fashion world.. I am home sick today not feeling the best.. so please excuse my simple post today!! I LOVE  Izzie’s oh so much and thats what this look is based around.. In in Texas… summer has already started! So!! Bring on the shorts!! And {mon tissu} had just the perfect ones for my LOTD! Enjoooyyy!! <333

Skin – -Belleza- – Erika
Tats – [HUZ]– Dark Floral
Piercings – <- Pierce Of Mind -> – Fluffy V2 (modded)
Eyes – Poetic Eyes – Beryll
Ears – .ILLUSORY. – Elven Ear – b3
Hair – >TRUTH< – Alison
Shirt – Izzie’s – Vintage Roses Top
Shorts – {mon tissu} – Shorts – Greta
Shoes – *League* – Merino Leggings & Flats

Fabulous Is Fabulous

There’s three ways of looking at the coincidence that both Gidge and I chose the same clothing from Betty Doyle’s Ingenue to blog at the same time. One is that we’re boring and predictable bloggers. The second is that great minds think alike. The third is that Fabulous Is Fabulous and who can resist fabulous. Ingenue has produced high quality clothing as long as I have been in Second Life. In the beginning, Doyle focused on the niche vintage market, but her work over the last year has moved firmly into contemporary sportswear and separates that are flagrantly feminine. Take the top and skirt in this outfit. They were released about a month apart but there is such a cohesive vision behind the collection that Gidge and I both thought to combine them, though in different colors. That cohesive visions also makes the colors suitable for mixing and matching with just about everything.
Such springlike romanticism made me think of springs and fairies and unicorns and other delights so I headed off to the Unicorn Sanctuary. I know it looks like it’s nothing but sunshine, gentle dew and rainbows, but explore around some and you will see that Enchanted is a very spooky place in parts.
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All Girlie Like <3

Heheh soooo… I wanna start by saying HIIII!!!! And I miss you all!! lol RL has been kinda crazy for me with falling down a flight of stairs and missing a week of work and playing catch up and blah blah blah!! BUT!!!!! Im still here!! And Im back at the blogging thing as much as I can!! Sooooooo my LOTD today is from a store called JANE!! This dress is too cute for words and I had to buy it in all 3 colors just to show you!! Check it ouuuut!

New shoes to go with it from {mon tissu}!! Cute wedges that I really like and just kinda completed this outfit!!

N e whoser!! Thats all I got for yas today!! 😛 I hope you all have an amazing humpday and will see you again soon!! Much Love and Stuff! <333

Skin – :Curio: – Pout *sold at the skin fair*
Hair – [e] – Blind
Ears – .ILLUSORY. – Elven Ear – b3
Tats – [HUZ]– Dark Floral
Piercings – <- Pierce Of Mind -> – Fluffy V2 (modded)
Eyes – Poetic Colors -Caribbean sea
Dress – JANE – Meagan dress.raven
Shoes – {mon tissu} – Montsegur Pumps
Necklace – [W&B] – Repairs Necklace