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What a Gem!

Lelutka Gem DB Makeup 7_009

Lelutka has new skin for Vanity Universe Skin Fair. There are two new faces of Lelutka, but for today I want to focus on this little gem. The skin has a lovely dreamy quality to it. It also has a unique tattoo layer addition that is great for those of us in our mid-thirties and up who don’t want to look as though we need to be carded wherever we go – a layer with a few soft, subtle lines under the eyes. I am glad to see some age diversity developing in Second Life® skins.

Lelutka Gem c

The body is lusciously shaded with beautiful highlights and a toned, but soft and feminine body. I have to point out the adorable poses, by the way, from a new set for StoRin. Annah Whitfield has been on a semi-sabbatical for a while, but she’s come back with Something Cute – the name of her set – and with a bang.
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Mesmeric Fingers Softly Touch

Redgrave Fairy Skin Avie 08 Snowstorm_001

Still, is the bustle in the Brook —
Sealed are the spicy valves —
Mesmeric fingers softly touch
The Eyes of many Elves —

Emily Dickinson, Poem XLIX

Redgrave Fairy Skin Avie

Emily Dickinson wrote about elves more than once. She truly saw the world in a grain of sand and was inspired by the natural world and by her fantasies. Emilia Redgrave has been inspired by fantasy lately. Whether you look at her dramatic Trinity skins inspired by vampires or her rugged action hero King skins for men complete with blood and bruises or her latest release for Vanity Universe Skin Fair, Avie, the Fairy skin, these skins are important contributions to the fantastical lives of Second Life residents. Just as Trinity is the quintessential vampiress, Avie perfectly expresses the naturalistic world of elves and fairies with her fresh, glowing healthy skin and that healthy outdoor blush on her cheeks.
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Skin, Skin & More Skin

PXL Linda NAT Gold Lips smoke_001

Vanity Universe Skin Fair got off to a busy start – with a full sim of excited skin shoppers delighting in the new releases and swimming in a sea of demos. PXL Creations newest release for the Fair is Linda Gen3. Hart Larsson released it before the Fair, so many of you may have seen it. I was sick, though, and only got to unpack it until Sunday. I had to blog it even though it’s been blogged several times because it’s such a beautiful and elegant skin. It’s exactly the sort of skin I love, luminous and elegant with many options to allow us to get the exact look we want.

PXL Linda NAT Rose Lips_003

It’s not just the elegant makeups that make me fall in love with PXL Creations skins, it’s the soft and tender sexiness of the body. The tummy and the derriere are delightfully sexy. Special touches are a few stray moles. There’s also a full body tattoo of freckles and cleavage tattoo layers for those who want more uplift.
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Two Moons Island


I wandered around the beautiful Two Moons Island wearing a lovely purple suit from L’Abel called Chaya. The suit is a classic jacket and skirt with modern details such as the exposed zipper up the front, the bold shoulders and the belled sleeves.


Such a beautiful outfit deserves a truly spectacular place and Two Moons Island, home of the always inventive MiaSnow, is just that place. There’s nothing like strolling in the moonlight under two moons in a nebula filled sky to remind you how beautiful Second Life can be.
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Scarecrows & Navajos


I have no words of wisdom about scarecrows or Navajos, but Navajo is the name given to this luscious top from Peqe and, well, there is a scarecrow in the photo. I just liked the sound of the two words together. The top is really luscious, isn’t it?

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Perfectly Perky Pink


Have you ever seen a more perfectly perky pink than that in this happy dress from Liriope. The dress name is Night’s Flower, presumably for the black field in which the happy pop-art flowers spread their cheerful glory. The fun and gravity-defying shape of the skirt adds to the sense of joy the dress projects.


I shot the pictures at Two Moons Island – a beautiful and happy sim full of rainbows, butterflies and wonders to behold.
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A Weekend In The Country

I decided to take a weekend in the country just to relax and rest. So after going horseback riding and breathing the fresh air and enjoying the scenery and the like (that’s a lot of ANDS)….I was at a loss as to what to do. Continue reading