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Two Moons Island


I wandered around the beautiful Two Moons Island wearing a lovely purple suit from L’Abel called Chaya. The suit is a classic jacket and skirt with modern details such as the exposed zipper up the front, the bold shoulders and the belled sleeves.


Such a beautiful outfit deserves a truly spectacular place and Two Moons Island, home of the always inventive MiaSnow, is just that place. There’s nothing like strolling in the moonlight under two moons in a nebula filled sky to remind you how beautiful Second Life can be.
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Scarecrows & Navajos


I have no words of wisdom about scarecrows or Navajos, but Navajo is the name given to this luscious top from Peqe and, well, there is a scarecrow in the photo. I just liked the sound of the two words together. The top is really luscious, isn’t it?

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Perfectly Perky Pink


Have you ever seen a more perfectly perky pink than that in this happy dress from Liriope. The dress name is Night’s Flower, presumably for the black field in which the happy pop-art flowers spread their cheerful glory. The fun and gravity-defying shape of the skirt adds to the sense of joy the dress projects.


I shot the pictures at Two Moons Island – a beautiful and happy sim full of rainbows, butterflies and wonders to behold.
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A Weekend In The Country

I decided to take a weekend in the country just to relax and rest. So after going horseback riding and breathing the fresh air and enjoying the scenery and the like (that’s a lot of ANDS)….I was at a loss as to what to do. Continue reading

Cuddly Cozy Chic


What’s soft, snuggly and so-so chic? My answer is the lovely fur poncho from Lelutka. Called Rea, it’s Rea-lly perfect for a chilly walk at Roche, the lovely sim where I shot the pictures.


The dress is equally perfect for the chilly weather, a lovely striped sweater dress from A-Bomb called Cold Embrace. Isn’t it fun how A-Bomb names all their outfits after song titles?

Lost in your cold embrace
I’ll perceive your light
Burning my life inside
You will see my fire fade away

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Wearing a Sunset


There’s a reason everyone waits expectantly for new releases from Lelutka. There are always deliciously beautiful clothing to excite and tantalize us. Among my favorites from the releases last month is this gorgeous dress aptly Oman, with its waves of luscious ombre fabric with a rich black taffeta overskirt. It’s lush, romantic and oh-so-exhilirating.


I shot it at the lovely Barbee sim that is one of the rare black and white venues in Second Life. A warren of shops and buildings with little nooks of trees and foliage, the only exterior flashes of color come from peacock feather trees. It was a lovely place to highlight the lovely colors of the skirt.
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Vero Moderno Red

Oh, I do love scarlet, that reddest of reds. The one that cost poor Jezebel her fiance, though what did her father after he named her Jezebel? Does anyone name their daughter Jezebel? The name, forever linked the infamous Phoenician, is usually used as a epithet, not as a name. The name does not exactly have a happy history though it does give you a reason to use the word defenestration. Too bad there wasn’t an opposition press at the time to give us an alternate since her story is so one-sided and partisan that it exemplifies the concept of history being written by the winners. No matter how you feel about Bette Davis’ Jezebel or the original one, you have to love the scarlet red Puma dress from Vero Moderno.

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Mechanical Toy Factory

Mechanical Toy Factory

I love it when folks send me a landmark for a new place to explore. Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice knows my love of exploring since I frequently offer to TP her to see this or that place I want to show off. The other night she sent me a LM, and before I even got to exploring, I found this little alcove in front of the Mechanical Toy Factory store. I got so engrossed in shooting pictures, I forgot to go into the store until the next time I logged in.

Mechanical Toy Factory
The dress is a silver leather dress from Pequ with gorgeous zipper piping to add visual interest.
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Print Mania


I don’t know what ancient arbiter of style first asserted that thou shalt never mix prints, but he was as wrong as two left shoes. Luckily, our generation has gotten over that hoary antique of fashion diktat and moved on to a more exciting and more printastic era. Mixing prints is an art and one well practiced at Peqe as you can see in the lovely little dress that mixes a leopard and lace print. Of course, I had to add to the printasm with floral tights.

Mixing three prints could be a clashtastrophe, but notice what is next to what. You see, the first is mostly black, then mostly white, then mostly black. If the floral were next to the leopard, it would not work.
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I felt like exploring a bit yesterday and opened the Destination Guide to see what might be new to me. Right there on the front page was a link to Dragonfly, a lovely, magical sim full of flowers and beauty.


Some of that beauty came in the form of shoes, beautiful new shoes from Baistice. Beautiful new shoe with dots!
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