Saturday Night – Loving Baiastice Hair Attachments

I was always so skeptical of hair attachments as a fashion statement until I really found good ones I liked. Amacci and Baiastice always come right to mind when I think of them (ok If I’m leaving you out calm down, I’m blonde and forgetful).
Sissy Pessoa recently released a new set of attachments and also offers hair bases at her shop so you can be SURE of a perfect match up.
I decided there wasn’t anything better than to just slather myself in Baiastice which continues to be one of my favorite stores around.

Yes the only thing on me you can’t get at Baiastice are the eyes and the eyelashes. I’m head to toe and even am wearing her recent release skin MARINA in the peach tone.
These are very lovely matte tone skins with gorgeous colors and delicate features.

The NICO dress can still be found at THE DRESSING ROOM BLUE if I’m not mistaken!

Now – I hope everyone has a lovely evening, I’m going to log in and see all my pixel friends!

Ciao Bella!

Your Shopping List for this Saturday Night Includes:
Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
Skin – Baiastice – Marina – Peach Tone – Makeup 5
Hair Attachments – Baiastice
Lashes – Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Dress – Baiastice – Nico Blush for The Dressing Room Blue
Shoes – Baiastice – Lotus Pumps – Brown
Eyes – Poetic Color – Moroccan Nights – FREEBIE
Poses – STaTUS

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