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Discussions of Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah and Neil Young are apparently an item. This is RL gossip. We were discussing this at work, and were talking about our favorite Daryl Hanna movies. I kept thinking there was something I LOVED her in, something unlike her other work and I couldn’t place it.

Until Wicked Peach released her Extraterrestrial makeups for The Liaison Collaborative or whatever the hell the name is. TLC. That thing. Anyway, my favorite role Daryl Hannah ever played was PRISS. Continue reading

Ifarnsworth LOGO Hair

I have a good friend who’s mother is a bit of a nut. A loveable, quirky, 3D force of nature nut. Example, when we were in school, the soap dispenser in the bathroom of their house was a cock and balls. You had to squeeze the balls to get the soap to come out of the tip.

Yes, she was single. Continue reading

iPhone Shopping

My friend Jori Watler was in a bit of a snit the other day (which is a whole other topic and best left out) and anyway, I’m the sort of friend who firmly believes that if you are in a snit, there is surely something horrible on Marketplace I could send you to cure you of this malady. Continue reading