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My Winter Retreat

The Living Area

I have a pet peeve about all home and garden shows and magazine spreads. When I look at the pictures I am always wondering WHERE is there stuff? Where are the toys and the books? Where is their tv? I guess thats why my SL homes are always cluttered and crowded, I’m trying to make it my home. Continue reading

Bring On Christmas

Christmas Begins_001

I confess. I’m ready. The events are exploding and there is so much excitement in the air about everything that is new and amazing for the holidays this year.

I love everything about the holidays on the grid, and even on my borrowed square I’m doing a little bit of sprucing up for the happy time. Continue reading


Holiday Baking

I really really like Halloween in both lives. Crazy decorating, lots of treats, there is no end to my enthusiasm. I started breaking out my fall/Halloween awesome decorations this past week and decided that some baking is definitely in order. Continue reading

A Cartoon Girl on a Saturday Night

Single Girl

My pixel self is fairly tranquil. She lives a solitary, calm and quiet life that is the opposite of my RL and I like her that way. I started off her Saturday night with a jaunt to the market to pick up something for some dinner for one. Continue reading

Avoiding Monday

I’m not sure if you are aware but about four years ago Silo and I put up a house, he spent weeks decorating it and then – we left it. For FOUR YEARS. So the revolution of me picking up the whole lot of it and suddenly buying new furniture and moving into this doll house is kind of a big thing to me. (Thanks for the doll house Gogo.) Continue reading