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Holiday Baking

I really really like Halloween in both lives. Crazy decorating, lots of treats, there is no end to my enthusiasm. I started breaking out my fall/Halloween awesome decorations this past week and decided that some baking is definitely in order. Continue reading

Some Cooking Role Play For Your Enjoyment

The #1 way you know that this is some sort of fantasy role play thing is that I’m doing things in a kitchen with pots. I don’t cook. I heat. My oldest child tells me that I make the best spaghettios ever and by GOD I think I do too.

But, the fine people at Le Bistro who have built this big store selling food items to role play family cooking with, or FRIEND COOKING if you don’t have a family, sent me a blogger sample so I thought, heck, I should cook some friends or something. ALAS it’s actually a real meal, not cooking your friends which is a totally different ROLE PLAY. Continue reading