My Winter Retreat

The Living Area

I have a pet peeve about all home and garden shows and magazine spreads. When I look at the pictures I am always wondering WHERE is there stuff? Where are the toys and the books? Where is their tv? I guess thats why my SL homes are always cluttered and crowded, I’m trying to make it my home.

Barnesworth Anubis released for Collabor88 a beautiful skybox called Snowy City Loft and I have to admit I’ve gone a bit crazy decorating it.

Cozy Nook

I am on borrowed prims, squatting on my friend Tristan’s homestead and as I was madly decorating I sent him an IM “I PROMISE ITS FOR A SHOOT!” but in reality…….swaddled in this mess of things and remnants of life moments, this is how I’d decorate and then some – were all the prims mine. 🙂 I’m silly like that.
Christmas Dinner

I certainly can’t have Christmas without Christmas dinner and it was so nice of Handverk to create this GORGEOUS table which is out at Fameshed.  I didn’t need it but, YES I DID.

Spacious Kitchen

I love the large spacious kitchen with lots of room for baking or entertaining. The clean lines are gorgeous and make the room seem even bigger.
Luxurious and Restful

The loft is about 1/3 of the length of the skybox and thats where I put my bedroom and Sophie’s. It’s a nice open space with lots of room for bigger pieces of furniture.
Who Needs Gravity

And because gravity isn’t a concern and I’m a work from home girl – I pushed my Tillie’s photostudio way into the ceiling. These high ceilings allow it to be up in the air and out of site really when you are downstairs with friends, but it’s there when I need it! Perfect.

With Our Christmas Dresses

Now, we have to pick up some of these prims before Tristan kills us! 🙂

Furniture things:

Skybox: Barnesworth Anubis – Snowy City Loft – from COLLABOR88
Living Room: Sofas and coffee table WHAT NEXT
Table Decor: Candle – What Next, Reindeer and Planter – Clutter
Rug: Barnesworth Anubis Flotaki Rug
Cozy Nook: Fireplace with Stockings, logs – LISP Bazaar, Love Seat – Cheeky Pea – With Love Hunt
Bedroom – Trompe Loeil

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