She's Got The Way To Move Me, Cherry

When I saw this outfit on Freestyle a while back I had to run to Honey Soul to pick it up.
So cute, festive and perfect for a day of roaming the hard pavement streets shopping for that next perfect accessory. I don’t normally carry purses but this sweet little cherry bag from Artilleri goes with the shoes and both match the dress – and well HOW was I supposed to not wear them all together?
I’m not sure how much more precious this outfit can get.
If I could have found a set of cherry earrings or hair bobs it might be perfect. 

Truth be told, I didn’t look that hard. I wonder where I can get some. (Ideas? Anyone? Anyone?)

I added my new favorite piece of jewelry, a very special gift from Dinee Ghia – the Hearts and Doves Locket (which actually opens and closes and holds a photo). I wear this one compulsively these days because it’s so unique. Okay I am a dork as I’m writing this and do not have her slurl handy so I will promise to embed it in an update hey just IM her In World – Dinee Ghia.

Fashion Details

Skin Party Red from Peppermint Blue

Shape 190 CM from Peppermint Blue

Dress – Cherry Cutie from Honey Soul

Shoes – Mimmi Artilleri – Black Cherry

Purse – Artilleri – Sophie Purpse – Cherries

Hair – Priss by Laqroki in Sunkissed

Earrings – Diamonds from Baiastace

Necklace – Hearts and Doves Locket from Dinee Ghia

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