Adam N Eve at Fantasy Fair – It's Not Forbidden Fruit I Promise

I really only had one thing to say when I saw the SANA release from Adam N Eve for Fantasy Faire. Pink? Sparkly? Makes my ass look fantastic?
OMG DO WANT!?!?!?!!!!!!

Funny story.

The second place I ever lived in SL was called Sana. A friend bought it and I moved there living on part of a huge swath of land he’d purchased. Across the waterway, there was a big house that he’d bought for all his, ahem – girls. He said have fun decorate your house and we’ll all live in peace an harmony.
Which was all good till about a week later when he came over and said “Gidge, I love your house, but the girls say they can’t rezz any objects. And I looked – and you’re using four thousand prims.”

To which I said “What are prims?”

Good times…………..

Good times.

Where to get it? Mostly – Fantasy Faire!

  • Shape – Gidge from Savoir Faire
  • Skin – Adam N Eve – Astrelle with Fae Tattoo Layer Makeup
  • Hair – EXILE – Liu
  • Clothes – Adam N Eve – Sana
  • Nails – Adam N Eve – Astrelle
  • poses – STATUS

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