Where Sailors Fear To Tread…

I was going to invite all of you into the caverns that Mermaid Gidge calls home, but then I realized you were depending on that thing called oxygen. Why you’d turn blue and float to the top.

And then you’d be no fun to play with at all. Well, a little fun.

So it’ll be a photo-safari instead. Are you ready? Then follow me.

Welcome to my world undersea. This is the secret- most level of the gorgeous Emerald Green Sim that Cajsa and I have literally been blogging the living SHIT out of.

It’s a gorgeous build. Sorry, we can’t help it. And neither could Mermaid Gidge.

I’m swimming courtesy of the mermaid AO from Mer Elf Creations which is part of this amazing Mermaid costume created for Fantasy Faire. You can find her at the Sea of Mer location of Fantasy Faire.

I am wearing the Kingyo Mermaid costume. Because the creator likes to role play and have a lot of fun her costumes she also offers an add on pack with sick fins – you might need to drop some anti-fungal tablets into the water.

She’s also having a very special sale on purple items – seriously discounted so be sure to check out what she has out in purple!


Your Shopping List for Fantasy Faire and Beyond:

  • Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
  • Skin – Baiastice – Marina – Milk Tone – Makeup 11
  • Hair – Truth – Allison – Beach
  • Mermaid Costume with/Ao – Mer Elf Creations -Kingyo Mermaid


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  1. Brandy Rasmuson

    I’m going to have to check that out. It’s been too long since I’ve been a mermaid! All your photos are lovely, and that first one in particular is just stunning.

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