Beauty Lost

A.N Roquelare’s version of SLEEPING BEAUTY is the subject of ENCHANTMENT this round which is set to kick off on MAY 1. If you are unfamiliar with the story, let’s just be ladylike and say that the prince doesn’t wake her up with a kiss. Also, he never lets her wear clothes. There’s lots more than that but if I shared it, it would spoil the fun of you reading it yourself.

The adventures in domination, submission and Beauty are the theme and the creators have done a spectacular job of bringing these themes of the darker and different version of the fairy tale to our SL. 

Enchantment this round has a twist, the items will all be located at the creator’s stores .  When you purchase an item – you will find included a STAMP CARD! Visit every shop participating in the event, while WEARING your stamp card, and touch the ENCHANTMENT kiosk in each shop. Once you have visited EVERY participating merchant and touched the kiosk, you’ll get a message in LOCAL that gives you the URL where to go to COLLECT A PRIZE!

The pose prop I am wearing right now, the flower bed, plus my hair – are BOTH prizes available and there is one prize from EVERY creator. You can pick ONE for each filled card you turn in. Every item you buy will have a stamp card.  The stamp cards ARE transferable so you can load one up and give it to a friend!!

I’m so excited – I LOVE stamp card events!

Gidge is Wearing:
Skin: Pink Fuel – ALYX – Porcelain
Gown: The Annex -Sleeping Beauty
Pose Prop: The Annex – Sleeping Beauty Pose Prop – ENCHANTMENT STAMP CARD PRIZE

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