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A Summer Dress for FLF -It’s NOT TOO LATE!

I’ve been ready for the weekend every since this morning, because DCNY released an adorable summer dress for FLF and it’s going to be available in other colors for regular price starting tomorrow I’m guessing. It’s NOT too late to grab it though for 50L! Continue reading

Ladies and Gentlemen I Bring You Gacha

I am also bringing you the most popular pictures I’ve ever taken, according to FLICKR stats. Sure, my views went up weirdly when they changed the way they count them, but they’ve normalized. These however, are now a set of insanely popular FLICK pics, at least on my photostream. So, I think you should go buy all these things.

Let’s talk GACHA. Gogo caught my eye with this adorable bunny phone at VCO and now I have three. Continue reading

The Next Must Have Bikini

Right about the time I think that no more bikinis ever need to be made someone comes along and makes the next one that is absolutely adorable. Anessa Stine has this one available at her shop DCNY and the best part for you is that it’s 50L because it’s part of FLF today! Continue reading

Damselfly Returns To My Shopping List

Everybody has that store, that store you USED to shop at. Damselfly was my GO TO for big old floofy “TEXAS PAGEANT HAIR” and it was awesome. Truly, I was a major fan and flocked over to pick up every release I could. While I’m positive by the amount of FLEXI one sees in ballrooms that big flowy hair still has it’s audience, in order to keep my Fashion Mafia card I had to move on to mesh.

And said fair thee well to Damselfly. Continue reading

PixelProm Stag

I had originally planned not to attend Pixel Prom because my husband is still away in Azeroth, so I figured, eh, why bother. Plus the time was bad for me. But then things changed and the time wasn’t so bad after all…and so I thought well, hell, I could slip on some nylons and something floofy and head over for a while? Continue reading

Virtually Propositioned

I was having a relaxing evening in my own home, trying to decide where to go this evening, and at my vanity table enjoying new releases from cheLLe and FLAIR for COSMETICS FAIR which opens tomorrow.

New mascara, new eyeshadow and nail polish – surely this means it’s going to be a fine evening. New makeup is always a good omen. Continue reading

Shaping Up for Summer – A Shape Review for Tuli Shape #4

Both pixel and RL Gidge hate deciding what to wear. When I say hate, I mean dislike with the fire of 1000 suns. It’s not that we don’t WANT to get dressed and be cute. It’s that, there’s decisions. And more decisions. Pixel Gidge has an inventory the size of the grid. And RL Gidge isn’t much better.

Thus we both tend to sit about not quite done, wondering what to put on next.

That’s why I’m blogging SHAPE and UNDERWEAR TODAY!  Continue reading

Fameshed for The Arcade

It’s happened. The flurry of lindens stimulating the economy are flowing as everyone goes MAD collecting at THE ARCADE and picking up the amazing new releases in mesh at FAMESHED.

I thought the billiards dress from Trompe Loeil (The Arcade) might be a bit too masculine for my girly abode but no, I put some flowers and myself on it and it’s plenty girly. Cory Edo is mad for cute drawer pulls, these are adorable as well. Continue reading