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Friday Flowers

You might think Sascha’s Designs is just big old battleship sized ballgowns but you’d be missing out on a large part of what she releases these days if you did. She’s been making dresses and more casual wear (less formal?) for a while and she very frequently delights me with her releases. Such as this cheery dress recently released. It’s got a HUD and you can change it among four very fun summery prints. There are so many colors in this I had a hard time choose shoes and accessory colors. Continue reading

PixelProm Stag

I had originally planned not to attend Pixel Prom because my husband is still away in Azeroth, so I figured, eh, why bother. Plus the time was bad for me. But then things changed and the time wasn’t so bad after all…and so I thought well, hell, I could slip on some nylons and something floofy and head over for a while? Continue reading