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Countdown: Where Have You Been All My SLife?


Browsing through my contacts on Flickr the other day, I saw a batch of vendor ads from Countdown. They were so stunning, I didn’t just make a note to go check it out, but instead logged in right and snapped up a few of the dresses. Countdown is not new, but it is new to me and that makes me ask, “Countdown, where have you been all my SLife?”

Could there be designs more suited to draw me in? Look at the classic lines combined with the modern details like the sheer chevrons that embrace the belt and highlight the waist. The sheer elements at the neckline and waist flirt with sensuality, but never stray close to the line.

(Note to Designers: This is why you put vendor ads on Flickr.)

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Crises in Confidence


The ombre top from Emery for faMESHed is so gorgeous I didn’t even mind showing a bit of tummy.

A friend of mine had a crisis in confidence this weekend. It surprised me because she is one of the most amazing people in the world. She’s the woman who can “bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan and never let you forget you’re a man” of old songs that celebrate female power and confidence. Yet, careless words negated all her accomplishments, her skills, her successes, her loving friends and filled her with a feeling of inadequacy. How is it that someone so good could ever feel insecure?

But insecurity strikes us all. Myself, whenever someone writes a criticism of “bloggers” without naming names, I am certain that it is about me. Boring, just like everyone else, dull, they are all words I have internalized. I know very well that I am not nearly so imaginative and creative as some of the SL photographers that inspire me. I envy their abilities and most of all their creativity.

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