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ChouChou Ch-Boogie


ChouChou has returned for a short time and I popped over to check it out. I opted to adopt their region windlight settings to see it as they wanted it to be seen. It sure is dramatic, though you cannot see my outfit. I wandered around and then noticed that their other sims were open, too, so I popped over to Babel.


Babel is also very dramatic with a seemingly never-ending stairway with lots of boxes – each with a short measure of music that affects the play of music as you climb the stairs. This is a sim that you simply must have your sound turned up so you can experience it at its best. I was wearing a sweater from Diapop for Back 2 Black – the awareness campaign for mental health issues. This sweater focuses on comfort and it really is a comfy sweater, isn’t it?
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Quick Look: I Gatcha

Poses from I Love Olive

posted by Gidge Uriza

Elusyve said I had to go to the Albero Gatcha Festival -and since she’s a fucking giant who might squashe me, I went.

She also said I had to wear everything I got immediately, which meant I was walking around wearing many boxes. I think this might’ve been some mean elf trick on her part.

But since I had never been to nor patronized any sort of gatcha, you know, like Ron Burgundy would say – WHEN IN ROME.

I can’t actually wear everything I got at once.

That just means there will be another post.

You lucky suckers………

Style Notes:

All obtained at the Albero Gatcha Festivale

  • Sksin – showfunky – olga – just pink
  • Hair – Katatonik – yello – jamz hair
  • Headphones – Katatoniki – cupcake headphones
  • Top – Sysy’s
  • Pants – Teefy’s Lacy Blacky
  • Necklace – BOOM – Gumball Necklace – Ink
  • Bracelets – Loulou & co
  • Pen – I dunno. I got a pen somewhere

And I has an other post to do eeeee! This was fun!