There's no such thing as too many sweaters

Okay, sometimes when I am trying to shove the sweater drawer closed and cursing under my breath as I lean again the dresser, I guess I think there is such a thing as one sweater too many, but other than that – no, it’s impossible to have too may.  Sweaters are transformative. This sweater, from Sysy Chapman, changed my jeans and t-shirt from a simple jeans and tee combo into an Outfit. Now instead of looking like I grabbed the first things that showed in my inventory, it looks like I planned and thought about what I wore. That’s what sweaters do, they keep you warm and make you look planned and put together.

Again, you can see that it is the cardigan that makes this an outfit – that gives it style and a point of view.

The hair is a fun style from Find ASH – a man’s hair style, but I have never balked at wearing men’s hair. Especially when it’s as fine as this.

The skin is Dernier Cri which has just lovely glossy lips.

****STYLE NOTES******
There were no promotional items used in this styling.

  • Poses: Annah
  • Skin: Dernier Cri Adriane Chestnu Glossy Crimson
  • Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes Sunny Glade
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Nails: Symphony Skins
  • Hair: Find ASH Fiendish Wolf
  • Top: MichaMi Glam Tank
  • Sweater: Sysy’s Cardigan
  • Pants: Coco Skinny pants
  • Shoes” DeLa Stella
  • Necklace: Cailyn’s Polished Bead Necklace
  • EArrings: BastChild Freed Gold/REd Ankh Earrings
  • Bangles” =plus Wide Bangle, Purple Rose Bunch A Bracelets

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