Still Learning

I could not resist doing one more post illustrating how versatile and useful that shirt in the Learning Suit menswear from Paper Couture can be.  Here I put it together with a gold jacket and brown suede pants and it again ties the pieces together beautifully.

This outfit is almost a fashion tour with elements from many of Second Life’s best designers. In addition to the Paper Couture shirt, the jacket is from Muism, the pants from Baiastice and the belt from Ce Cubic Effect. These are a few of those designers who are exploring how to push the form of prim work to get better and better clothing.

The boots are from Storm Schmooz, I told you it was impossible to go to a shoe store and leave with only one pair. You see, I was at Storm Schmooz buying those brown and cream shoes yesterday and these boots jumped off the wall and begged me to take them home. How could I say no?

The earrings are from DeLa, the necklace from Swallowtail and the bracelet from +plus. yes, I wear that bracelet a lot. I can’t help it, it’s that good.

Now, for an aside addressing a pet peeve of mine. Again and again I read that bloggers get everything for free and that means we write puff pieces that are inherently dishonest, corrupted by our desire for review copies. This is patently false.

  1. I am altogether too vain to shoot photos of myself in an outfit I think is crappy. If you doubt my honesty, then trust my vanity.
  2. Yes I do get a few items for review and the first time I blog them I mention that. Some of the things I get to review, I don’t like. You don’t see them because of item #1.
  3. The underlying premise of this belief is false. Maybe some bloggers get everything for free, but I don’t know who they are and I don’t know how to get on that list. Every single item in this outfit I paid for.  Well, the eyelashes are a freebie at CyberNetic, but everyone can go and pick them up for free anytime.
  4. My enthusiasm is the honest love of a fashion fan. I like what I wear and I hope that comes through. If I didn’t like it, I would not wear it. Just last night I received a well-made sweater for review but because it is a style I don’t care for, I deleted it. I sent the designer a note explaining why I would not blog it though exressing my admiration for the construction quality.  It’s cute and well made and someone else is bound to love it and blog it with the enthusiasm it deserves.
  5. I suggest that failure of imagination is the worst fault any

People who say this are not making a critique of style, prose or content; they are engaging in reckless and malicious character assassination on the broadest scale – painting all fashion bloggers as inherently corrupt.

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Skin: Symphony Skins Alto Brownzed
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Hair: bishwear Natalie
  • Shirt: Paper Couture Learning Suit Shirt
  • Jacket: Muism Skinny Bikers Jacket Gold
  • Pants: Baiastice Rubbed Leather
  • Shoes: Storm Schmooz Amazone
  • Bangle: +plus Wide Bangle
  • Necklace: Swallowtail Gold Long Necklace
  • Belt: Ce Cubic Effect Songbird
  • Earrings: DeLa Camilla

2 thoughts on “Still Learning

  1. Isara Beaumont

    I think you are overlooking the fact that dishonesty is not the same as outright lying. An important facet of dishonesty is concealment of negatives.. because it skews the impression that is made on the reader. It’s not a ‘malicious character’ issue, as you call it.. I’m quite sure that bloggers don’t lie. But I think there’s a lack of understanding that non-disclosure of negatives can and will create false impressions.

    E.g. (fictional example.. I don’t say that you do that) it would be dishonest to review only the one dress you liked, and conceal the fact that /most/ things you bought (or received as gifts) from the same designer turned out to be crap. Even though it’s not a lie, it would still be dishonest towards the blog readers because it gives the impression that this designer is good, although the opposite is the case.

  2. Cajsa Lilliehook Post author

    I am surprised that this commentary of mine is here because I deleted it and originally published this post without it, which explains why it dribbles off mid-sentence and doesn’t include the information that most bloggers I know don’t get everything or even half or even a quarter of what they blog for free. I decided I would just not get into it because it irritates me so much and deleted the entire pet peeve. Somehow an older iteration has replaced what I finally published. I can’t exactly delete this now it’s been posted and commented on, but I am not going to feed this conversation. I have come so close to quitting the blog because of these insinuations and if I start down this road, I will end up quitting.

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