Punch Drunk or Full Moon?

So Gidge tells me my dress look it’s made of Swiss Cheese. I thought it looked like it had been made with a paper hole-puncher. Either way, I love the eccentric alignment and layering of a myriad of textures into this wildly detailed skirt prim. It moves and flows beautifully and is a perfect dress for parties. The sheer inventiveness of the textures and the joie de vivre in its design make it a winner in my book – even though now that Gidge mentions it…

Out of the box, it comes with a plunging top that is drop dead sexy. Wanting the people around me not to drop dead, I dug in my inventory for something a little less fatale. The Pixel Dolls corset in the Embers shade seemed a perfect match and adding a Persona sash in Orange gave it a touch of boldness that was echoed in the shoes and jewelry.

Check out the other photos on my Flickr and decide for yourself – paperpunch or swiss cheese?

  • Detour Rachel 04 Skin
  • Bishwear Toss Me Around Auburn
  • MB Designs Dress Summer Breeze Skirt Prims and pants
  • Juicy Slingbacks Tangerine
  • Fortune corset Embers from Pixel Dolls
  • Persona Helena Sash Orange
  • Zaara Kaya Coral Jewelry



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