Root Root Root For the Cubbies!!!


Posted by Gidge Uriza

I’ve been holding this little gem back for a while waiting for the Cubbie-Sox game. Alas, Cubbies didn’t pull it out, regardless I’ve got a cute little outfit for you sports girls out there.

The first goodie to this outfit is that the shirt and hat were FREE from an excellent little build I found,  Ebbett’s Field baseball museum and shop. This 1920s Cub’s logo shirt and the 1914 Cub’s Logo hat were free (sweet!) so I couldn’t miss the opportunity to rock a little bit of my inner Tom Boy. (I don’t let her out much, so take a good look.)

Heehee - I MADE the Bracelets!

The jeans are one of those items in my inventory that seem to appear out of nowhere – I’m assuming they were a gift at Adam & Eve because I don’t remember them – regardless – they made the cut when I was dressing because of the great wrinkled and casual detail in the jeans. They really look like I just picked them up off the floor.

When searching for earrings, I remembered I had these lovely earrings from Bliensen + MaiTai still in my jewelry box of review items and KNEW they’d make a sweet little addition to this casual look. It’s a little peak at my girly nature in this outfit.  They come with a collar that I’ll have to share later because it didn’t quite work but the earrings are sassy and casual.  This 4th of July week the stars fit right in without being too over the top Americana.

Click Here to see the full shoot!

Fashion Details:
Shape Peppermint Blue 190 CM
Skin – Soft Touch Skins – Honey Freckled Harmony (OKAY I AM A DORK – I AM NOT 100% sure this is a SOFT TOUCH SKINS – It’s how I filed it in my inventory……..anyone? Anyone?)
Hair – Diversity Hair – Brat – Grenadine Red (one of the recently rextured dollarbies at Diversity hair THANK YOU ALERI!)
Shirt – Cubs 1920s Cubs Logo – Ends and Odds (shirt is free in the store)
Hat – Cubs 1914 Logo Hat – Ends and Odds (hat is free in the museum)
Shoes – Filigree Motion Sneakers in red plaid – link to demo where I found them
Bracelets – DISCLOSURE – I MADE THESE! 🙂 They are a freebie in my store Don’t Ask! This is the first set of bracelets I ever made. Yeah I’m proud of them. 🙂

Now, this outfit is a preview to this week’s fashion theme! Any guesses? Anyone? Anyone??

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