Poetic License

I found this fun little poem by Brooke Freeman on PoemHunter. It’s not one you would find in Tiger’s Bookstore for Rare Books, but I like it anyway. This is just a taste, to read the entire poem, go here.

I Know Fashion

I know fashion
Models posing, critics complaining
Celebs shopping, paparazzi stalking
I know fashion.

One of the bonuses of blogging about fashion is that I occasionally am offered a new outfit to review. AvaGardner Kung let me choose a couple outfits from Kungler’s to review, including this outfit called New College. It includes the brown tank, cream print top on the jacket layer, glitch pants, a prim skirt and a prim scarf. I am not wearing the scarf because I wanted to wear this Bishwear hair that would have hidden most of it anyway. Since the outfit is named New College, I decided to head to a nearby bookstore. 

I chose this to review because I saw great mix-and-match potential in these pieces. All sorts of ideas are percolating for ways to wear that luscious skirt. The colors and textures in the skirt are fantastic. The only critique I have is that the tops are only on single layers. I would like to see the tank on the undershirt layer with an underpants option for those who don’t like baring the midriff. I would love the silkscreen top on the regular shirt layer so i could add a jacket or a system belt or sash. I like mixing and matching, so the more layers the happier i am. 

To complement the outfit, I added the gold tights from Bijou, Earthtones Boho Gypsy Necklace and a bangle from +plus. The wonderful Dust boots from Maitreya finishes it off. There are several more photos on my Flickr.



  • Detour Rachel 04 Skin
  • Bijou nail Deep Dream Nuts
  • Bishwear Toss Me Around Auburn
  • Kunglers New College
  • Maitreya Dune Boots Burgundy
  • Bijou Stockings D Gold
  • EarthTones Boho Gypsy Necklace
  • +plus Summer Essence Bangle in Brown
  • Tiger’s Bookshop




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