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posted by Gidge Uriza

I positively drooled when I saw the PACK of jewelry sent to me by Bliensen + Maitai.  I love fun, unusual pieces and the first pieces I fell in love with were the bottle cap earrings and necklace. Great detail on each and every cap is what really makes these a couple of fun pieces to put in your jewelry box for casual or themed events.  I was hostessing a rock themed event at MDR and knew immediately that no matter how I got dressed for the night, I was going to build the ensemble AROUND this jewelry.

I popped over to their store, and found a slew of other items that were equally fun and a couple of different VERY nicely made freebies that were jewelry sets (necklace and earrings).

It’s very nice jewelry for your inner punk rock neko girl. I’m a huge new fan of their work.

Part two of this fashion review is the skin I’m wearing. Created by Hatchy Mills (you’ve seen her name a dozen times – she created Cajsa’s shape) and given to me as a gift because we’re friends I couldn’t resist wearing it for this ensemble. She calls it Demon and I think she’s partially right. Maybe “Fashion Demon” would be more appropriate because the lovely detail on the face really makes me think of a more fashionista type demon.

Disclaimer – Hatchy is part of the H & M Design Team that call my own shop Don’t Ask home base. You can find this, and other modern Chinese style skins on the second floor of Don’t Ask where Hatchy’s wares are located – including a freebie. 

More pics on Flickr.

Fashion Details
Shape 190cm Peppermint Blue
Skin – Demon Nana Grey – H&M Designs at Don’t Ask (review item)
Eyes – Purple Rain from FNKY
Hair – Black and red Lovely from ETD
Shirt and Pants – Izumiya
Shoes – Tesla Elise 2 Elevate
Bag – Hip Bag from Izumiya
Ring – Monster Face freebie from Onrez
Necklace and Earrings – Bliensen and Maitai (review items)

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