Cotton Candy

I am noticing a trend. Chocolate, saltwater taffy and now cotton candy. Some sweet tooth must be experiencing a renaissance in my subconscious. But truly how else to describe these confectionary colors that are so common and so charming in this Spring’s collections. This pink is not a floral pink, it’s not a celestial pink, it’s a confectionary pink.  That’s why these luscious colors make us salivate. This particular confection comes to us from Mimikri – I know, twice in 2 days I am wearing a Mimikri outfit, but I dress by whim and want – not with an overarching plan to present some cross-section of Second Life® fashion.

Both the jacket and pants are from Mimikri and there’s a delightful wisteria colored cami underneath from Celestial Studios. It’s just a slightly different hue as the jacket and pants, but the color has the same value, making it look like it came in the set. Adding Stiletto Moody’s Pucci pattern Bitch Booties and the lilac Boho Chakra from EarthTones finished the style. I also shot these in my backyard.

  • Shape: melli2 by hatchy mills
  • Skin: Amy 05 by Laqroki
  • Eyes: Soulful Hazel by IC Eyes
  • Hair: Mandy from Muism
  • Camisole: Trixie Cami Wister from Celestial Studios
  • Pants: Alexa Leather Pants – Candy from Mimikri
  • Jacket: Alexa Leather Jacket – Candy from Mimikri
  • Jewelry: Boho Chakra Violet from EarthTones
  • Shoes: Bitch Bootie Pucci from Stiletto Moody

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