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What do you call a dress that is almost free?

So…I am wandering around the Best of Italian Design sim – popping in to test a store SLUrl I added to the directory – and discovered OC: Orage Creations and dropped everything I was doing just to enjoy the marvelously surreal designs. Although most were priced about average for high fashion gowns, there were two dresses indistinguishable from the others in quality, but marked down without fanfare to 10 and 20L. I snapped them up and decided to share the wealth by spreading the word. The first one I put together with MiaSnow’s magnificently eccentric Wild Woman Hair – a magic chair gift. She kindly set the chair to 5 minutes, so it won’t take you all day to win. I thought the wild span of the hair and the wild black plumage at the top of the dress was a nice pairing.

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Just Because I Can

So whilst working on the Secret Project this weekend, trekking hither and yon, through hot, steamy boutiques, arid, scorching jewelers and frigid, stormy millineries, I frequently was misled by outdated landmarks and landed in Terra Incognita. Sometimes I found something fun, sometimes I struggled to find my destination. But, a good explorer accepts these mishaps with equanimity – recognizing the opportunity to find new outposts of fashionality. Which is not exactly what happened when I followed the forwarding landmark for Fumi – opting to look around to see what was there, I eventually happened on Fumi on the other end of the sim. The luck was that when I informed the owner that her lm at her old store had the wrong coordinates, she thanked me with a gift of two outfits from her lovely store. This is one of them.

It’s very different from my usual look, so I dyed my hair and drastically changed my skin – to MiaSnow Myriam’s lovely Dahlia, the starlet — because it was fun and because I can. Continue reading