Just Because I Can

So whilst working on the Secret Project this weekend, trekking hither and yon, through hot, steamy boutiques, arid, scorching jewelers and frigid, stormy millineries, I frequently was misled by outdated landmarks and landed in Terra Incognita. Sometimes I found something fun, sometimes I struggled to find my destination. But, a good explorer accepts these mishaps with equanimity – recognizing the opportunity to find new outposts of fashionality. Which is not exactly what happened when I followed the forwarding landmark for Fumi – opting to look around to see what was there, I eventually happened on Fumi on the other end of the sim. The luck was that when I informed the owner that her lm at her old store had the wrong coordinates, she thanked me with a gift of two outfits from her lovely store. This is one of them.

It’s very different from my usual look, so I dyed my hair and drastically changed my skin – to MiaSnow Myriam’s lovely Dahlia, the starlet — because it was fun and because I can.

I had lots of fun shooting this dress. I would switch the pose back and forth really fast and snap and snap trying to get the skirt swinging – capturing the movement. Clearly, I am easily entertained. If you like that sort of thing, I uploaded far too many too my Flickr – because I can.

Then I took off the overskirt and shot a few more photos – some quite silly – because I can do that, too. And now, before the style notes, let’s see a nice close-up of that wonderful skin – because we can do that, too.

  • Shape: meili2 custom by Hatchy Mills
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Skin: Mia Dahlia – the starlet
  • Savoir Hair Tesa Black
  • Fumi Gset Peacock (includes earrings and stockings)
  • Tesla Ziggy Heels Birth

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