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I sell the morning paper, sir.

My father played banjo and sang in a country/bluegrass band and I have lost count of all my cousins and other relatives who are in the music industry – so I come by a head packed with musical references quite honestly even if I inherited my singing voice from the “sings like a sick cat” side of the family. Everytime I see a newsboy cap like this one from Haute Style Company, that old Jimmy Brown the Newsboy song pops into my head… and it just won’t go away.  No matter that the real Jimmy Brown sang “I got no hat upon my head, no shoes upon my feet.”

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Sketching at the Moulin Rouge

When I saw this dress, the Designer Sketch at Haute Style & Co, not only did I know it would end up in my inventory, I knew just where I wanted to photograph it. Such a whimsical dress needed to be shot in the heart of Parisian joie de vive, the Moulin Rouge. Inspired by a Dior runway gown, this outfit delivers beauty and whimsy in one big package, complete with a hat and shoes.  Continue reading