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Versus Magazine did a lovely tribute to Squinternet Larnia that was released on the 4th, the one-year anniversary of her death. Tania Tebaldi who wrote and managed Squinternet’s blog for her wrote an essay that showed a different perspective on Squinternet than the one I knew. That’s one of the reasons people come together to mourn their loved ones – because we all know people through different lenses and in sharing our grief, we all get a fuller, rounder perception of the person. Continue reading


It’s only a Tuesday. But I felt like giving it a date night look today in my SL. I got out my jewelry armoire and pulled out some pieces from Donna Flora, my favorite jewelry store of all time.  Her jewelry still stands the test of time and is worth stopping by if you haven’t for a while. It’s lovely. Continue reading




Pronunciation:  /sɒlɪˈdærɪtɪ/
Etymology:  < French solidarité, < solidaire solid: see solidary adj.
  1. The fact or quality, on the part of communities, etc., of being perfectly united or at one in some respect, esp. in interests, sympathies, or aspirations; spec. with reference to the aspirations or actions of trade-union members. Also attrib. and Comb.The French origin of the word is freq. referred to during the period of its introduction into English use. Latterly also the English rendering of PolishSolidarność, the name of an independent trade-union movement in Poland, registered in September 1980 and officially banned in October 1982.
  2.  Community or perfect coincidence of (or between) interests.
  3. Civil Law. A form of obligation involving joint and several responsibilities or rights.

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Me And My Body

My new SLINK Physique body and I have a busy day ahead of us. I decided to feed it some breakfast, to find out if it’s as big of a foodie as my old body was. Indeed it is. I picked up a new toaster from What Next for FLF which is the PERFECT addition to my shades of pink kitchen, and it makes lots of yummies.  Continue reading

My Everyday Physique

I have been fascinated by the idea of mesh bodies for some time, yet I have to admit, I’ve been somewhat unsure what I would use one for. After all, it’s mesh. How will my clothes go on over it? How will the alphas work? Is this even going to work? I was optimistic when Siddean announced SLINK would have a mesh body, even though I just wasn’t SURE.

You’ve seen it now, the nudity has abounded on blogs. Being nude in the new mesh body wasn’t my concern, I knew we could be nude and be beautiful. I decided to test how it would work as a functional piece of my every day look. Continue reading

Dream a Little Dream


Drew is one of the exclusives released by Purple Moon at Fashion For Life. It is beautifully made in every detail from the sumptuous embroidery to the black piping on the bodice that feeds into the spaghetti straps. The execution on this dress is flawless.  Continue reading

San Antonio Rose


Deep within my heart
Lies a melody,
A song of old San Antone,
Where in dreams I live
With a memory,
Beneath the stars all alone.

When I put on the  Auffaellige Rosen  dress from Schoën I immediately think of my great-aunt. She sang the background vocals to that song with Tex Ritter at the Grand Ol’ Opry and it was one of many songs I enjoyed listening to her sing. She was what is commonly called “a pistol”  - a woman who lived life to the fullest from the day she was born to the day she died and that was a long time. Born in the 19th century she lived to enjoy the 21st century’s arrival and promise. From horse and buggy to manned space flight in her life time. She buried three husbands during that lifetime – oddly enough while they all had different names, their names were homophones. So while she changed the spelling, she never changed the pronunciation. She was 92 when she married her 3rd husband, a youngster in his 80s.  Continue reading

A New Release From Donna Flora – For Fashion For Life

If it had not been for Squinternet’s dear friend Monica Outlander offering up some of her Fashion for Life space to sell Donna Flora jewelry, it might never have been discovered that Squinternet had been working on new jewel options for her Julia set. With just a little help, as Cajsa mentioned, they were finished and are being released at Fashion for Life at a 100% Donation, as Squint would have wanted. Continue reading

Remembering Squinternet


I probably would not be organizing Fashion For Life if it were not for Squinternet. It was in an effort to get funds for her treatment and nursing that I organized Love Donna Flora which probably is why folks looking for an organizer this year thought of me. A lot of the time when I am working on this and feeling frustrated, I think of her and take a deep breath and carry on. She would want me to because she loved Fashion For Life.

OK, Squint loved Fashion. She went to the runway shows and participated in the events because she loved them. But Fashion For Life was special to her – even more so when she got cancer. She also loved Second Life finding support and sustenance through her hard times. She charged a small group of her friends with the task of taking care of her store, keeping it open and keeping her alive in this pixel world.

Monica Outlander is one of Squinternet’s dearest friends. In an act of extraordinary generosity, she put aside her own work during Squint’s final month and acted as her hands so some of those wonderfully imaginative designs that were tucked inside Squint’s lively brain could be realized in out world. For Fashion For Life, she has created new exclusive versions and will release them only at Fashion For Life – at 100% donation. She will also reprise her gown for Love Donna Flora – an exclusive that will only be at Fashion For Life.


But in preparing for Fashion For Life a treasure was found. Monica suggested that some of Squint’s recent jewelry be sold at 100% donation at Fashion For Life. While searching for the folders to pack into the vendors, more copies were found with different colors of stones – not quite finished but all the prims and textures were complete. A little bit of effort to finish them up and three new, previously unreleased jewelry sets were finished. All the prims and textures are from Squinternet, the only assistance was placing some textures on the few prims that had not been completed.
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The Elie dress from Sundaara for fashionart – a celebration of the nexus of art and fashion – is as sweet and lovely as a summer cloud.

I just noticed that Akismet has protected us from 1,671,953 spam comments so far since we migrated over here about two years ago. 1,671,953! Imagine that. Such a big number It reminds me of my 7th and 8th grade math teacher, a vicious and physically abusive bully I still hate to this day even though he reserved most of his physical abuse for the boys. Before Christmas vacation, he challenged one of my classmates to write out from one to a million in long hand – telling him if he completed it by the end of the school year, he would pay him $1000. Of course, Phillip had no concept of how much a million really was, so he tried. He wrote out the numbers day in and day out for months, neglecting his homework, not paying attention in class, getting in trouble at home and on the wrestling team and generally making a mess of his 7th grade year. All seeking that $1000 and realizing far too late and after far too much damage to his school year that he would never make it. A million is a vast sum in human terms and we all certainly learned that lesson quite thoroughly though at the cost of a classmate’s education and reputation. Continue reading