Outfitting a Nursery

The furniture that’s scripted to go with your Zooby baby is cute, and lots of fun for doing the “playing with my baby” kind of thing. But since I mostly don’t do that, and I just wanted to make a room to be “hers” in my new house and not have to stick her visiting Auntie Inventory, I’ve been hunting for lower land impact options.

I can still drag out the official scripted furniture for fun but this works better for me day to day.


Because it’s ONE LAND IMPACT.

Seriously, how cute is that crib for one land impact?

I picked it up on MP for 50L and it’s worth every penny. No – not scripted, but I just put her in there and tell her to sleep and she’s set until I want to get her up.  If you need scripting for your RP or whatever then, probably not for you. But I think it’s cool as heck.

You can grab it HERE on MP.

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One thought on “Outfitting a Nursery

  1. achariya

    OMG. Whenever you post with your cute prim BB, I squeak. So cute!

    Also, my boy avvie should come around sometime as her gay uncle, and take her out to the theater or something.

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