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I have a good friend who’s mother is a bit of a nut. A loveable, quirky, 3D force of nature nut. Example, when we were in school, the soap dispenser in the bathroom of their house was a cock and balls. You had to squeeze the balls to get the soap to come out of the tip.

Yes, she was single.

She was single, never even dating as we grew up. Her focus was her children and her job. Then one day we were grown up and she met someone, and even started dating. They fell in love, as people do.

It was like in the story books, a whirlwind. From “funny running into you” to “never apart, one heart one soul”. In fact, it might be one of the most lovely things I ever watch befall someone.

Better even than their love, was their communication of it.

You see, they shunned saying I LOVE YOU. They believed it was trite to use the same phrase that is used for shampoo and good beer for the one who holds your heart.  So they made up a word. A nonsense word.

A word that meant you are my soul, I cannot breathe or live without you. You know my heart and any day without you is a day of loss and sadness because all good things come from you. You are my half, you are my self, you are my confident and my perfect friend.

A word that meant I LOVE YOU.

Their word, was ifarnsworth.

I might not actually feel QUITE that strongly about Logo hair.

But it’s close. Not only because of the awesome styling, but the FOOOKING beautiful blonde gets an A+++++ from this blonde blogger!

Blonde Hair From LOGO

Your Shopping List – GET THEE TO THE HAIR FAIR!
Boes – Glitter Top
TLC*** Pumpkin Leggings ..:: b&w Plaid ::..
Ingenue :: Bridget Flats :: Shoe Base
Adam n Eve Dany Pedicure Red
[ PXL ] Manicure – Pink #2 BlackFrench
ROZENA ~Summer juicy gloss~ pink_t
Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 4
:+:SS:+: Rainbow Anklet w Gold
Bag – HOC – Takeout Bag


POSES – STaTUS – Unreleased

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