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My friend Jori Watler was in a bit of a snit the other day (which is a whole other topic and best left out) and anyway, I’m the sort of friend who firmly believes that if you are in a snit, there is surely something horrible on Marketplace I could send you to cure you of this malady.

So, being at work and all, I can’t GET to Marketplace to search for Dragon Peens, or Rape Shacks, Or Sexytimes Portalets or whatever it is that was the appropriate sort of gift for THIS particular source of consternation. (In fact, it was a $L1 Toga that she needed. Oh yes, it was.) But despite the fact that I’d been able to search and select the item, my iPhone wouldn’t let me choose a resident to send this gift to.

I was kind of peeved.

As I was about to sign out in a snit myself, when I noticed that something was in my shopping basket. Feeling fairly certain I HAD NOT ordered anything except the $L1 toga, I was kind of elated and went to check out – only to see that what was in my cart was TLC MUFFIN.

I was thinking WTF IS THIS???? I didn’t select this.

Stupid iPhone, doing it’s own shopping.

It was like TWELVE LINDENS or something so I said FUCK IT and bought it. And decided that no matter what it was, I was gonna blog it.

So here we are.

It’s kinda cute!
TLC*** * MufFiN * Shirt Upper ( Cream Puff ) 1 – TWELVE LINDENS PEOPLE! TOTALLY CUTE!
fri.day – Low.Rise Jeans (Faded)
Haut.Monde – Shoe Base – Maizi Flats
Ibizarre Nail polish – dark violett
::Para Designs:: Stars & Swallows Color Light (Undershirt)
/artilleri/ nora glasses *yellow*
Exile Violet/violetdawn
fri. – Low.Rise Jeans (Faded) – Skinny
Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~ (new)
-Belleza- Erika Pale 5 (cleavage)
[:T:] Sara eyebrow shaper 2

Poses – STaTUS

Taken at Quiricosta (19, 159, 353)

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