Eating My Way Through the Sxy2nd Sim

posted by Gidge Uriza

So a few nights a go my friend Jackson, when asked what he was doing, replied that he was building his boardwalk. Boys in SL telling me they are building is the equivalent to being asked to watch someone play a video game. So I said “That’s nice, talk to you later” and went on about my life.

I spent too many of my first months on the grid, watching other people build. 

But I was curious, so when I was certain it was safe, I popped over to see what was there.

YAY Games! Im totally taking Silo over here!

YAY Games! I'm totally taking Silo over here!

I’m a real life skeeball junkie. As a matter of fact, I AVOID skeeball because I have no off switch where it is concerned. I looooove Skeeball.

There are rides and games and fun to be found, not just shopping on the SXY2nd Sim! YAY!

After I polished off the cotton candy I wanted something salty – so on to Popcorn! And a merri-go-round ride!!!  I didn’t make it over to the carousel, too much junk food! My tummy hurt!

I probably shouldn’t have had that SECOND bucket of popcorn, to be fair. That plus carnival rides just doesn’t work, now does it?

Cajsa made me buy new eyes. I had my FNKY eyes since DAY ONE in SL. So she put a pixel gun to my head and took me to poetic color and made me buy eyes.

So Do You Like The New Eyes?

So Do You Like The New Eyes?

I’m taking my husband on a date to play skeeball one night soon.  

Shot on Location on the SXY2nd Sim

Style Notes

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin – PXL Creations – Grace – Fair – Spring Red R
  • Eyes – Poetic Color – Lilac Blossom
  • Hair – Diversity Hair – Zuri – Ash Blonde
  • Top – Sn@tch – Cashmere Sweater
  • Jeans – Sn@tch – Vintage Jeans – Virgin
  • Jewelry – Lucas Lameth – Chakra in Yello
  • Shoes – MPD – Canvas and Cork – in Blue
  • Nails- PXL Creations – Black and Blue French

Style Notes

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