Retiring, or Receiving a Guest?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Well…….a LADY wouldn’t tell you, now would she?

I fastidiously collect pajamas, and nightgowns, and robes, and was absolutely delighted to find this special offer at Indigo Blue on the Sxy2nd Sim as part of their grand opening extravaganza. It’s a complete trousseau of lingerie with a dressing gown.

Probably more appropriate for your SECOND SL Marriage……

Prim Bows add a nice touch

Prim Bows add a nice touch

This huge collection of lingerie for only 50L includes layers of transparent or opaque tops and bottoms in a fun spring pink – many different options BECAUSE of the beautiful layering choices and this exquisite dressing gown.

I like it, can you tell?

Sophia Bourdoir Slippers from Chic Boutique are a Staple

Sophia Boudoir Slippers from Chic Boutique are a Staple

I chose a natural make up from PXL creations, as you can see – because…..alas…..I AM retiring and not receiving.   And well, the little robot resides with me here in RL anyway – no need to gussy up in SL for him.  🙂

And speaking of that………..good evening! Retiring even now…..

Fashion Details

***Bold R Indicates a Review Item***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – PXL Creations GRACE – Spring Natural (fair) R
  • Hair – Truth – Amy Jane – Bubblegum
  • Dressing Gown Ensemble – Indigo Blue
  • Eyes – EarthStones – Amethyst -Dark
  • Shoes – Chic Boutique – Sophia Shoes
  • Nails – Stellar- High Shine nail polish

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