O.M.G. It's Shadows for Gala!!!!

I have tried and tried and tried to get shadows in SL and without fail they have failed me. Until now that is. Today I had a catastrophic failure of my Firestorm Viewer and for some reason it would NOT let me back in to SL. So I messaged one of my photographer friends and she gave me a couple of viewer suggestions to try. Well the very first one I tried was Nirans Viewer and O.M.G. IT RAWKS!
YaY Shadows 2
More after the cut….

After I finally got it all set up how I liked it and I went down on my land and turned on shadows…. I almost fainted… no fuss, no muss there they were!!!!
YaY Shadows 1
I am a HAPPY avi! See my smile?
I’ll give ya a few style notes for some of the stuff in the pic….

House:  Brando Construction – Ancolie
Dress: ~Sassy!~ – Mandarin, blue
Shoes: N-Core – Chic
Dog: Zooby – Lab (Duke)

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