Government Housing Redux: Spruced up for Summer

I’ve spent the past few months making my government housing abode comfortable and in keeping with my need for a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. I like where I’ve landed, at least for a minute or two. I’m always on the lookout though, for that amazing low impact item that I just MUST HAVE. 117 prims is not a lot to work with. Thank the Lindens for Mesh.

So then, let’s come inside.

I did add walls to my Linden home. My bedroom is directly off the entry way. I’ve spent a long time picking up the 1 Land impact items to tweak this room I’m pretty happy with it.

My bedroom from another angle. I picked up the wall paper from Builders Depot. I love it.

The living area is under constant adjustment. I’m pretty happy right now, but might like a chair. But then what do I give up to have it? I just don’t know.

The is the most amazing 1 land impact desk on the grid – from Cheeky Pea.

My kitchen and dining room are finally about where I want them. I might put down a rug, but again, have to decide what to lose. DECISIONS!

But all that being said, I’m pretty satisfied with my 117 prims of space. Now, I need a 1 land impact bbq grill. Who has one of those?

Furniture from:

Trompe Loeil

Cheeky Pea

Ria Bazaar

Barnesworth Anubis





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