The Angel is in the Details


They say the devil is in the details, but there is nothing devilish about this dress.

When Pixicat shared this dress as a Work In Progess on Plurk, I knew I had to have it. The details were so carefully wrought that anyone who loves great craftsmanship would admire the dress, whether it is their personal style or not. A lot of thought went into the design in ways to allow you to wear it as you please. For example, it comes with or without the white blouse, there’s a detachable bow you can opt to leave off, as I did. And then the lacy overskirt can be worn, as I did, or left off, as Gidge did in the previous post. On top of that, the lace overskirt it tintable so you could color it anything your heart desires.



I am wearing the Ingenue Louise shoes for The Arcade. The come in lots of colors and I tried several before I finally tried the ballet. Why did I try nearly every color before ballet? Because my ballet shoes were black, not pink. So it never occurred to me they would be pink. How’s that for personal experience limiting your thought processes?



Here is a close look at the details on the top, there’s lace in the bodice seams, a lovely self-hem on the sleeves, lace along the buttons. Everything was thought about carefully. Notice how perfectly the lace you can wear over the dress lays on the dress.

150302_002Truth has new hair called Delphine that is beyond perfect for the dress. You could think it was made for it with the little flowers that you can add. You can also add butterflies, but I skipped them.



My skin is a brand new release by Alea Lamont of ND/MD. There was absolutely no editing other than a crop.  With this skin, my avatar reminds me of someone and it’s driving me nuts trying to think of whom.

I first found ND/MD back in 2007 when I was looking for a Halloween costume and they had a great Angelina Jolie inspired skin and a styling card that sent me off collecting hair and TombRaider clothing here and there. Lamont makes amazing fantasy skins that give you a cat’s face and ND/MD is also a place to find wonderfully done toddler bodies and skins — even fantasy toddlers.

Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: Marukin
Skin: ND/MD Fay Pale
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Eon eyes dark Green (med)
Lashes: ND/MD
Mesh Attachments: Slink hands and feet
Mani/Pedi: FLAIR
Hair: Truth Delphine @ Uber
Clothing: Pixicat Wonderland Dress @ The Arcade
Shoes: Ingenue Louise @ The Arcade

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