A drow's life

The life of a drow is a lonely one, the life of a cyber drow is even more lonely.
Descending from the mythological race of dark elves who used to live in the Underworld, they have been mutated via magic and were kinda reborn in the cyber era.
It’s a jungle out there – a cyber one, but still a jungle – and all the creatures living in this world better be ready. Even the drows, these dark creatures which are said to be evil. Maybe they have to.

A drow's life

Drows move silently and with a graceful quickness, blending into shadows with ease.They belong to the night, to the darkness.


Extraordinarily dexterous and intelligent, drows are powerful fighters and naturally inclined towards arcane magic, but……


…….but no matter how hard they fight, no matter how strong is their power, no matter how evil they can be…….

Don't fear me

…….a drow will always be alone.

Alea's dream


  • Skin: ND/MD – Drow Skin Elusions (dark EB)
  • Shape: ND/MD – Drow Shapes
  • Suit: ND/MD – Galaxia Silvermoon Suit
  • Boots: ND/MD – Cyber Boots Galaxia
  • Arm/neck protectors: ND/MD – Cyber Protectors for Galaxia
  • Mask: ND/MD – Galaxia Silvermoon Mask
  • Hair: ND/MD – Aloha Hair croma
  • Eyes: ND/MD – Nightfrost eyes – clear
  • Taxi to ND/MD
  • Photos taken at S.I.C49

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