I Was All Aglow


BFour years ago, I went to ND/MD Skins and Shapes where I purchased an Angelina Jolie look-alike skin and shape and a Marilyn Monroe look-alike shape in preparation for Halloween parties. I was a noob and I was thrilled that the store owner was in the store. She chatted with me and tp’ed in her partner Moonlay Laval to say hi as well. Alea gave me lots of advice on how to put together my Tomb Raider look and taught me one of the most valuable skills I ever learned in Second Life – tinting hair to get the color I want. I still do it all the time and often think of her when I am fussing with my hair. She invited me to be her friend and became the very first creator on my friend’s list. If you remember you noob days, you know how over the moon I was.


ND/MD has continued to make distinctive and intriguing shapes and began making skins as well, creating full avatars that were distinctive and unique. I particularly remember a feline human hybrid from a few years ago that was amazing, in the ultimate uh-MAY-zing Rachel Zoe kind of amazing. But you know me, I am more an admirer of alternative avatars than a wearer of them. The other day, though, Alea sent me a set for an android avatar that really inspired me. I think what hooked me was the one glowing prim eye that made me think of some recent hair releases from MADesigns and that reminded me of this outfit from Osakki I saw at Modavia Fashion Week and then that made me think of these boots from Mea Culpa and voila!  I love how the boots repeat the square patterns on the dress, but in a reverse. Androida_009

See, this MADesigns hair is perfect. It’s many spikes echo the epaullettes and braid down the sleeves. The single glowing pearl in the front is a perfect twin to the prim eye. It ties eveything together perfectly. I am wearing a hairbase from Exile. MADesigns has not yet released female hair bases with the kind of pulled back look I wanted for this outfit, but this one from Exile worked perfectly.


The single earring comes in the outfit set from Osakki. Here you can see the details of the skin peeled back revealing the android beneath. I really loved the look. You can see the full look as intended and the skin before the android underneath is exposed at ND/MD’s website. I like their look very much, but I always like to do my own thing, you know.

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: Di’s Opera
  • Skin and Eyes, including prim glowing eye:
  • ND/MD Androida War torn Skin by Alea Lamont
  • ND/MD Androida Eyebrow Shape/ bald head WEAR
  • ND/MD Doll blue 2 Eyes
  • ND/MD Androida eye – white
  • ND/MD cool Face Light for shader (worn on mouth)
  • Hair: Exile Hairbase: Auburn
  • and .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ ISABEL ~ Red VII
  • Outfit: Osakki // DISCIPLINE.Black/Honeysuckle by Kayami Osakki (kaysha.piers)
  • Shoes: **=__MEA CULPA_=** Evil by Tatanka Kaligawa Mea Culpa
  • Earring: Osakki // Flat Disk Earring – Gunmetal [ came with outfit]

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