Quest For A Viewer To Make Sweet Love To

Sascha Frangilli continues to create outside the ballgown arena, and this recent release  CHOCOLATE was perfectly suited for Gidge on a day when no Viewer would let her love it. YOU HEARD ME. NO VIEWER LOVES ME.

I love the texture of the pants, slinky sexy and still girly. Sascha knows my Barbie Doll. Plus they look good on my ass.

I’m also bringing you two very SPECIFIC pieces of awesome today.

1 – a Ring You NEED from Bewildebeest

Yeah, I know. You need it.

And then BLOGGERS LISTEN UP YOU NEED THIS ONE….the GI POSES AUTOFOCUS HUD. You know how you have to rezz a ball or whatever and click it so your eyes will go where you want? I eternally eff that up because I click something else and have to start over and there is a lot of raging and crankypants Gidge when I shoot. More often than not I go FUCK IT and just leave it with eyes not quite where I want them.

But James Schwarz recommended this on plurk the other day and so I picked it up on marketplace. IT WORKS.

You can control the placement of your avatar eyes as well as your avatar face emotes. It’s pretty nifty. Someone on  my plurk TL said that it makes her avatar’s shoulders bigger after she uses it – but I haven’t seen that yet.

And now for the style notes by memory………my SPECIALTY!

  • Shape – Savoire Faire – Gidge
  • Skin – PXL Creations – Dafne
  • Hair – Truth
  • Outfit – Sascha’s Designs
  • Boots – Lassitude & Ennui – Assassin Boots
  • Ring – Bewildebeest – Good Morning Ring
  • Earring – MOOD
  • Poses – STaTUS
  • Nails – Adam N Eve
  • Eyes – G2 Eyes from Poetic Color I forget which color because I suck but OMG I can’t wait to just blog about the eyes.

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