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I’m seeing red

Sometimes I feel like the reason I have so little to say, especially when it comes to blogging is because my son talks enough for everyone and their cousins. Seriously, it’s like non stop all day. It’s really driving me crazy. It’s like that episode of Family Guy where Stewie is all “mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy” “WHAT” “hi teehee”.  So, when I blog I just wanna get in the zone and listen to music and edit pictures. When it’s time to actually write about it I’m all zombied out.

Do people actually read big long blog post?



Hybie Is Wearing:

Dress: SUGAR – Roxy Dress – Red
Hair: Lamb – BLue Monday – Blush
SKin: Pink Fuel – Harley -Porcelain
Lipstick: Pink Fuel – Harley – Cherry
Eyeliner: Exodi – Sophie – smokey and glamour
Eyes: IKON – Ardent – Glass
Shoes: CovertNoom – Red Pumps
Necklace: Izzie’s – 50s pearl necklace cherry
Picture taken at MiLova

Wake The Earth


You hold fire in the night
In safety of this radiant light
We’ll warm our lungs and tame our eyes
Oh dear the slumbering dark will rise

Take the hands of what you’ve known
We’ll wake the earth and watch it grow
And write our love

Capture all the wonder here
And through the glow we’ll stand so still
All of these walls have been draped in white
And I won’t watch you say goodbye

Cast away the thoughts that haunt
These crowded rooms of love that’s lost
And through the fire, I’ve loved you still
Through the fire, I’ve loved you still

The Honey Trees



Hybie Is Wearing:

Dress: *LpD* – Lavinia – Pink – LOVE DONNA FLORA EVENT
Skin: Glam Affair – Lulu – Arctic – 03 – LOVE DONNA FLORA EVENT
Hair: Lelutka – Lorella with crown – Irish Red – HAIR FAIR 2013
Eyes: Ikon – ascension – Starfall
Pictures taken @ MiLova Sim