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Monica Outlander of MiaMai released her newest collection on December 8th. I love her shows. They are always an extravagant and imaginative work of art with music, text, illustration, photography and fashion coming together in a meaningful and thoughtful performance. I missed the show this time since my computer was still in need of repairs, but that doesn’t mean I missed the collection.


I found myself inspired by this rich brocade gown that brings together traditional formality in texture with a modern silhouette and avant garde embellishment. While brocade has been around for over a millennium, it reached its heyday in the 18th century. I have a mental image of one of the weavers who produced the lush silks for the Sun King’s Court seeing this brocade gown with its antlers and wings and wondering why she had not thought of that.


I wanted more dramatic accessories with this gown, choosing WTG’s recently released jeweled nails with all the gothic details that pay tribute to the rich fabric.

The WTG nails set allows you to change the polish and stone colors using a HUD. The polish comes in red and black.

I chose the Mirone hairstyle to minimize any distractions with the details of the high collar and the impala antlers. The antlers do make choosing a pose a bit difficult since they can easily poke someone in the eye. Somehow I imagine that a person wearing this in real life would have similar concerns.  Anyway, despite the constraints, DelMay’s poses still create dramatic silhouettes that inspire.





I wanted a really dramatic skin for this outfit and went back to the Trinity skin from Redgrave, which exudes drama and glamour. The earrings are from Dark Mouse, a favorite jewelry store that has sadly closed.

Monica Outlander also designed shoes for her MiaMai Unfold collection including these dramatic platforms with crystals in the platform and heel. I thought it was a fun bit of serendipity that the arch of the shoe lined up with the arch of the building in the background.

The photos were shot at LEA 28 using one of Codebastard Redgrave’s Rouge Windlight settings.


Store info at Blogging Second Life

  • Poses: DelMay
  • Skin: 05 Daylight Skin -Trinity- / luster *REDGRAVE*
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors
  • Lashes:Lelutka
  • Nails: +:+WTG+:+ **F+@ DR** jeweled nail
  • Hair: :MIRONE: CERIA apricot(resize)
  • Clothing: MIAMAI_BL_Rajhu DearDare
  • Shoes: Miamai_Exodus HighHeels Boots_Rosewood_
  • Jewelry: DArk Mouse Crystal Earrings – not available.
  • Location: LEA 28
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