Choices? Choices Are So Plebian

When Tricky Boucher of BELLEZA released his AIKO skin, my first thought was, “What to wear?” Well obviously SHOES come to mind. But making a choice?

Sigh, that’s not my long suit.

I am afraid the spoiled princess in me wasn’t up to make a choice. So, I’ve decided to lay about with many of my new shoes and just deliberate, naked.

Now, while I am deciding…….I thought I would take a moment to stretch my wings in AIKO in pale tone from Belleza. I am adoring his makeups, these are three of my faves.

But my absolute favorite “Make Gidge scream and shout” make up is #13, in which he combines my FAVORITE COLOR WITH MY OTHER FAVORITE COLOR.

Green, with pink. With purple. Yeah……..Love it. LOVE IT TRICKY!

Ok fine go shopping and quit reading. I see you tapping your foot.


Your Shopping List Today Includes:

Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
Skin – Belleza – Aiko
Hair – Truth – Eden – Tahiti
Shoes – WORN – A-Bomb – Katy from SHOE FAIR
Shoes – Scattered – Miamai, Ingenue, A-Bomb, from SHOE FAIR
Pose – STaTUS – Unreleased Pose
Lashes – Amacci
Earrings – Dark Mouse – Deco Earrings

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