Game day at Mother Road High

New Plume hair!I really love boy clothing because it looks so damned comfortable.  I love it IRL too.  This morning, my avatar rolled out of bed, neglected to shower, put on some facepaint, and headed off to tailgate for the game.  Right?  His jacket is brand new from Arai, and his hair is something he put his fingers into and just kind of messed up.  Actually it’s by Plume, part of a new set that includes beard attachments and different kinds of tattoo-layer face and head hair.  I went with basic blond today, but the whole pack is fun to play with.  Another photo and outfit credits behind the jump!

New Plume hair!***Shoes: Gos Docs 8 hole
***Jeans: Arai Nonwash Denim
***Tape: SiniStyle Taped Fingers
***Jacket: Arai Stadium Jumper in blackxblack
***Hair: Plume LJ Version 1 Blond & Blond hair base tattoo
***Skin: CheerNo Brent Blond Gold
***Facepaint: Fingerpaint War Paint Red and White by Lillian Shippe, check her profile for shop locations
***Shirt under jacket: Pig Southwest Corner Faded Blue

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